quinta-feira, dezembro 18

É uma tchawetice!

Num programa de rádio, ao fim da tarde, no trânsito de regresso a casa:
- Locutora: Hoje temos aqui o Tshawe Baqwa, dos Madcon. Vamos falar um pouco com ele... Hi Tshawe, glad to have you here
- Tchawe: I'm glad too... being near such a nice girl... the nicest portuguese girl!
- Locutora: Thanks Tshawe... nice of you to say... So, it's your first time here in Portugal?
- Tchawe: No... i've been here once... in Cascais and some other place i can't remember... 'cause i was too much drunk
- Locutora: O Tchawe diz que já esteve uma vez em Cascais de férias... And what about your new single... Liar, can you talk about this new music?
- Tchawe: Yeah... Liar talks about an ex-girlfriend of my band partner Yosef. Yosef was kissing this girl and he began to undressing her. She had a great pair of tits. Than he took her skirt off and he saw that she had a real big penis... bigger than his...
- Locutora: O Tchawe tem familia sul-africana e nós sabemos que vai passar o Natal na África do Sul!

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