segunda-feira, novembro 12

Loves aDora

In our scholarity we've met diferent cáinde (pás!!!) of teachers. Some we don't even remember their names. Others ár (catrapás!!) still fixed on our minds. In this particular case, in my face. I perfectly remember mái (pááás!!) english teacher, a goanese native and very rigorous in the english matters. I still own a huge gratitude tu (pás pás!) her, because my perfect excellence in this language is the result of her árde (catrapás!!) training. For each error in her dictations we were rewarded with a wild slap on our soft chiks (pás!). That make us swell of proud... and of a little pain also. That lovely story remembers me nowadays a boring girl named Dora. Thanks to her, my little child Cice already knows the exhausting counting of one-to-ten. My glory past defeated by modern skills

2 comentários:

Florença disse...

Pelos vistos deu resultado. Pás, pás :)

Joana disse...

AHAHAHA A Elsaaaaaaaaaa

chiça, ainda hoje tenho pesadelos :X